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Meet The Team

The friendly team behind Paw Treasures!

ElissaPaw Treasures
Elissa is in 8th grade. She has a big heart for animals. Her favorite part of the job is feeding, cuddling and loving the pets, and taking them on walks. Elissa is an expert at covering the details including making sure there is always plenty of water for the pet and making sure pets are safe. When she isn’t taking care of our clients’ pets, Elissa is our scheduler and manages our daily planner and pet sitting software. She is also creative and designed our company logo and is the creative inspiration behind our website.
MatthewPaw Treasures
Matthew is in 6th grade. He is our pet whisperer and loves all pets, especially dogs. He is a master at handling dog leashes. His favorite part of the job is walking (or running) dogs and playing fetch. If your dog has extra energy, Matthew will make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise.. When Matthew isn’t working with pets, he manages our pet supply inventory, product pricing, and product quality control.He has a keen eye for the durable pet toys that dogs love and healthy treats for our dog baskets.
JackiePaw Treasures
Mom makes sure we get into our clients’ homes safely and taught us how to do a good meet and greet with our potential clients. She also takes care of pets when we have to be at school or our activities. She makes sure we have all of the equipment we need and manages our shipping.
Dog Silhouette
Dob Bone
Dog Silhouette

Here’s a collection of photos of the Paw Treasures team showing our love for animals!